Month: May 2017

Soundproof Buying Guide

Soundproofing is made up of two main components, air and barriers. Sound travels through the air until it comes up against a barrier that lowers its intensity, the more times the sound comes upon a barrier the more power is lost. Low density materials work very well to interfere with sound waves and reduce the energy within air pockets of the material. Styrofoam and home insulation products are a good example of this, very light weight with a lot of room for air and also can be made into pieces large enough to cover walls and ceilings relatively cheaply. Multiple […]

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A HostGator Review – What To Expect From This Web hosting Company

HostGator has come a long way from a small hosting company with operations based at a Florida Atlantic University dorm room, to a world leader in web hosting services. Surely, HostGator is doing something right. We only need to take a closer look at what it really has to offer. Uptime HostGator hosts over 5 million websites, a huge percentage of which are websites for online businesses. Now, every time a website experiences down time due to web host service issues, the online business suffers from opportunity costs incurred; there would be leads and potential income lost. It is therefore […]

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How To Start Using TV Screen Protectors

Buying a TV screen protector isn’t exactly rocket science, but it can be a little hard to get started if you don’t know what to look for or how to attach the protector to your TV. Getting an inferior protector or improperly using it is just as bad, or even worse, as not having one. This short guide will help you get started with TV screen protectors so that you don’t waste money with a bad one. What to Look For The most obvious factor that you need to check is the size. Getting a 20-inch or 40-inch protector for […]

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