How To Start Using TV Screen Protectors

Buying a TV screen protector isn’t exactly rocket science, but it can be a little hard to get started if you don’t know what to look for or how to attach the protector to your TV. Getting an inferior protector or improperly using it is just as bad, or even worse, as not having one.

This short guide will help you get started with TV screen protectors so that you don’t waste money with a bad one. What to Look For The most obvious factor that you need to check is the size. Getting a 20-inch or 40-inch protector for a 30-inch TV would just look funny. Make sure that the protector can cover your screen. However, an unobvious fact is that there are many different aspect ratios. For example, you can have a square and rectangular 30-inch TV. Make sure that the protector works with your aspect ratio.

You also need to make sure that the attachment method (usually straps) is safe and secure. Flimsy attachments are dangerous because the protector might fall if someone bumps into the TV or tugs on the protector (which some kids love to do). Also make sure that the TV screen protector can resist scratches, high-impact objects and other common forms of damage. A scratched protector can be annoying if the scratch is obvious, and it needs to be strong just in case a ball, Wiimote or something else goes flying for the TV. Lastly, you need to buy one made from a durable material. There’s no reason to buy a soft one made from an inferior material because it will just break or have some problem within a few months or years.

Using the TV Screen Protector Using a protector is fairly easy and it should only take a few minutes to apply. There are several different application methods, but the most common is straps. Just hold the protector near the TV, loop the straps around the back of the TV and the protector will be applied. You might have to tighten the straps afterwards. Grommets and hooks are also fairly common. Just screw in the hooks, slide the protector over the TV and the hooks will keep the unit in place. Check out power moves for some cool TV streaming devices.

Some may also use Velcro strips that attach to the sides of your TV. This method isn’t common and it isn’t ideal because the strips will stay on the TV forever, but just remove the adhesive on the strips, stick them to the TV and them stick the protector to the strips. Caring For the Protector You just need to do some maintenance to ensure that your investment works as long as possible. The only thing that you should do is clean it every week. The protector is usually easier to clean than the TV itself.

Just use a damp rag and wipe down the screen so that any dirt and particles are removed. That’s really all it takes. Conclusion TV screen protectors keep your TV from getting damaged and most of them are great, but many people need a little help when it comes to buying and using these products. Just find a good one that satisfies all of the above, properly attach it and clean the protector once a week to remove any dust and particles.