Advantages of Free Web Hosting Services

There are many advantages to free web hosting, saving money probably being the most cited reason, but he benefits of free web hosting encompass a lot more than just saving a few bucks, it can save time as well as resources and space! Free web hosting is typically driven by ads, a company will provide you with a free hosting package, and in return for the free service, you are expected to host some of their ads on your pages for your visitors to click. There are some free hosting companies that offer ad-free service as well; you just have to look a bit harder for those. Free web hosting is usually best for small to medium sized websites. Much larger and you will most likely want to have full control over the server equipment physically, to better control technical issues with the site if they arise.

One advantage of utilizing free web hosting is that you are not shouldered with the responsibility of server maintenance, but then again you don’t have complete control over your site’s host server, so sometimes your “rapid response” is dependent upon the hosting providers time table and not your own. Usually, this is done by a ticketing system, and response time varies between hosts, some hosts are as fast as a couple of hours while others request 24 to 48. This may not be too bothersome to some websites, but others, it may be a lot more damaging. So choose carefully. Another advantage of utilizing free web hosting is that besides not having to maintain the server your self, you don’t have any physical hardware to purchase maintain or house. Through a business perspective, this is a huge plus, as equipment and operational cost can get pretty expensive.

Most Free Hosting providers can get your site up within minutes of registering, and some ever offer auto installer service, for installing popular scripts like PhpBB, WordPress, OS-commerce, and others. A Site Builder feature is another common service offered. A Site Builder program will assist you with quickly and easily setting up a webpage with visual components. This makes it easy for even those with no programming ability to be able to design a quick functional site. All in all, utilizing free web hosting is a cost effective way to maintain a web presence, while not having to dish out any money for equipment, maintenance, housing or staffing.