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A HostGator Review – What To Expect From This Web hosting Company

HostGator has come a long way from a small hosting company with operations based at a Florida Atlantic University dorm room, to a world leader in web hosting services. Surely, HostGator is doing something right. We only need to take a closer look at what it really has to offer. Uptime HostGator hosts over 5 million websites, a huge percentage of which are websites for online businesses. Now, every time a website experiences down time due to web host service issues, the online business suffers from opportunity costs incurred; there would be leads and potential income lost. It is therefore […]

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Advantages of Paid Web Hosting

There are plenty of options available when you purchase a website, but you may not want to pick the first web hosting company that pops up in Google. While there are some free web hosting options out there, a paid web hosting service can offer you much more regarding customer support and functionality. This article offers several ideas on some of the advantages of paid web hosting. There are dozens of paid web hosting companies, so you will want to shop around to see the different traits of every business. Some companies can offer excellent customer support for a modest […]

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Advantages of Free Web Hosting Services

There are many advantages to free web hosting, saving money probably being the most cited reason, but he benefits of free web hosting encompass a lot more than just saving a few bucks, it can save time as well as resources and space! Free web hosting is typically driven by ads, a company will provide you with a free hosting package, and in return for the free service, you are expected to host some of their ads on your pages for your visitors to click. There are some free hosting companies that offer ad-free service as well; you just have […]

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